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Welcome To Aid Pals


Home Assistants With The Ability To Help Complete Every Days Tasks

Welcome to a new standard in home assistance!

Proudly Serving Our Clients With Over 20 Years Of Experience.

AidPals was created as a portal to connect our exceptional team members to our diverse clientele.



Aid Pals are individually assigned based on their personality, ability to complete tasks, and their proximity to our clients.  This will ensure that Aid Pals are reliable, and are close when called upon to perform duties requested by our clients. 


All new potential clients are asked questions to see exactly what their needs are, and Aid Pals match these needs to a team member.  Each potential client may request a one time free first consultation to find out their individual needs, and to meet an Aid Pal in their area. 


Aid Pals perform many duties when cleaning homes including dusting, vacuuming, sweeping, mopping, dishes, and washing clothes.  Additional duties may include light yard work, and general everyday maintenance of your property.  Aid Pals are also that helping hand when a client needs something delivered from a store.


We have well rounded individuals that come highly recommended, and that are screened thoroughly before they enter your home.  We usually have additional team members, if one is not performing to your standards.  Each team member is required to promptly arrive on time, be respectful, and perform duties in an efficient manner.


We hope that you give us a try. 

We will work diligently to earn your trust, and build a positive relationship with you.




The AidPals Team


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